How to find and remove a dead pigeon

Finding a dead pigeon can be challenging, but it's not impossible, and may be easier than finding some other nuisance animals, like rodents. When you first start your pigeon hunt, remember that these birds will be somewhere close to the outside world. They aren't likely to move down deep into the walls of your home. If anything, pigeons will probably be in a roof area, near a chimney, or along the eaves and ledges of a home. Look at these areas and see if you can find an opening, and then look for signs of pigeon occupation. Believe us, you'll find plenty of bird poop if a pigeon has been around. While searching these areas, keep your nose to the wall. You will smell the stench of decay as you get closer to your quarry. While air currents can be misleading when it comes to smells, your nose can be a fairly reliable way to isolate where the body is. Once you've located it, make sure you wear protective gear to remove the carcass, and be sure to clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of all the organic waste.

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